Legal Representation in Litigation

In Family Court cases involving children, the Court rules require mediation.  However, in cases where settlement is not reached through mediation, you will need experienced litigators to represent you.

Both Attorney Reis and Attorney Donovan served as law clerks immediately following graduation from law school.  Meegan Reis worked for three judges in the Richmond Circuit Court, Richmond, Virginia; and Libby Donovan worked for three judges in the Superior Court, State of Connecticut.  Both attorneys describe being a law clerk as an intense 4th year of law school: sitting in court during trials, assisting judges with drafting legal opinions and orders, researching legal issues and writing memos on complex matters of law for use by the Presiding Justice.

Learning first-hand from judges and watching seasoned litigators lay the foundation for the solid litigation skills of both Attorney Reis and Donovan.  Attorney Donovan has dedicated her career to litigating for hundreds of clients at all levels of New Hampshire’s judicial process.  Attorney Reis brings unique experience as the result of having worked as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney.

Each of our clients needs a strong advocate to present his or her best case effectively and persuasively to the Court. After a combined 40 years of law practice, Attorney Reis and Attorney Donovan enjoy reputations for honesty, preparedness, and integrity; neither attorney believes that treating an opposing party or counsel with disdain or contempt is beneficial to the client.   There is ultimately no need to make a difficult process more acrimonious or adversarial than it needs to be.  Being strong and effective advocates does not require doing unnecessary harm.