Family Law, Mediation, and Divorce Representation in the New Hampshire Seacoast

We understand that problems addressed in family law are unlike those in any other legal field. Family law cases involve what matters most: you, your children, and your future. Our firm handles only family law cases so that we can provide the specialized and dedicated representation that our clients require. We then tailor our services so as to meet the unique needs of each client. This often begins with educating our clients about the numerous choices available, and then helping them determine which is best for themselves and their family. For some, mediation or a collaborative approach provides the optimal path forward; for others, litigation is the clear choice. Once our clients choose a process, we guide and support them step-by-step throughout their case. Through experience, compassion, and respect we strive to help each client find the best way to resolve their conflict. Please browse our site to learn more about the different process options, our areas of practice, our experience, and resources available to help you.

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Our Stories Matter

Every one of us has a story. This may seem obvious, but it is something that too often gets forgotten in the legal world. Every family that we work with has a history that is unique. Their past has brought them to this common place, but how and why they are here is different for everyone. There were days when each person was at their best, and there were those inevitable days when, intentional or not, they caused harm. But they come to us because there is a future ahead that they need help to create. They are often frightened because they don’t know how the next part of their story will unfold. We remind ourselves every day that the future can be shaped more by the choices we make now than by the choices we made in the past. Our job requires creativity, compassion, and respect to help families through this challenging part of their lives.  This is your family and your story. Our role is to listen, to guide, to educate, and to advocate – all with the singular goal of helping you write your next chapter.

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Cairns are trail markers that guide us through uncertain terrain.
They provide direction, hope, and confidence on the journey.

Everyone has a story

Meegan was fantastic to work with. She was both professional and personable which made a potentially stressful process much smoother and palatable. The outcome of our case was exactly what I was looking for and Meegan was integral in that.
Kevin, NH
Meegan has been incredible to work with.  She has helped to make a sad, scary, and overwhelming situation manageable.  Having her caring and professional ear and advice helped me get through my divorce as smoothly as was possible.
Kerri, North Hampton, NH
A trusted friend had recommended Meegan to help me with my divorce.  It was great advice because Meegan not only knows the process and the law, but she works in a compassionate and logical way.  Working with her felt like having a partner who was looking out for my best interest.
Curtis, NH